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A quiet mind produces
a more brilliant intellect.

The quieter the mind
the sharper the intellect.

Degree Courses which we provide.

B.Ed.(Bachelor of Education)

A B.Ed. is a degree which usually takes four years to complete and which qualifies someone to teach in a school.
BEd is an abbreviation for'Bachelor of Education.' A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is an undergraduate professional degree which prepares students for work as a teacher in schools, though in some countries additional work must be done in order for the student to be fully qualified to teach. A B.Ed.program may have direct entry from high school;as a combined degree with another bachelor's degree(e.g., B.A./B.Ed.);or as an after-degree program where the candidate has obtained a bachelor's degree, usually, the field in which the student wishes to teach. A good rapport or previous experience with young children or teens is also a desired characteristic of applicants. There are several streams to a Bachelor of Education, each corresponding to the particular level of instruction. In the United States, this includes elementary school education, middle school education, and high school education. Students in the elementary education stream generally study for a Liberal Studies degree. In the high school (secondary education) stream, the student specializes in one to two subject areas. Upon completion of the degree, they will prepare and eventually sit for the state's Board of Education certification examination. A typical B.Ed.Program may include coursework in pedagogy, educational psychology, educational policy and leadership, assessment, curriculum development,and lesson planning, social justice, special education, and instructional technology.

D.El.Ed.(Diploma in Elementary Education)

Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) is a certification level Education course.Education (also called learning, teaching, or schooling)in the general sense is any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind. characteristic or physical ability of an individual. In it Technical sense. Education is process by which society deliberately transmit its accumulated knowledege, skill and values from one generation to another. The duration of Diploma in Education is ranging from one year to three but it varies from institute to institute.The minimum time to complete the course is also differentiating from institute to institute. The course may also be available on part time basis in some certain institutes. The course may also available on part time basis in some certain institutes.
Diploma in Educationis an important and job oriented course in education field.Diploma In Education Eligibility
The minimum qualifications to apply for it is a pass with 50% in 10+2 with science or arts group.
The aspirants are required to have an aggregate of 50% in some Institutions.
Also the candidates should attend a common entrance examination. The test is held in almost all states of India.